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Centrist Project members are rallying behind good ideas and great candidates.

We'll elect five Centrist Senators by 2020.

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Why do we fight for Centrist values?

“Because we are the new majority and we deserve to be represented in Congress.” Bruce Skarin, MA

“I just want to see my views represented in government.” Solomon Kleinsmith, TX

“The powers that be only want us to see black and white on every issue, so they can continue their reign. Unfortunately for them, there is a middle ground.” Taylor Ivy, KY

“Ideological obsessions make us incapable of taking action needed for the long term. So I fight for centrist values because I want a country for my children and grandchildren.” Colin Leach, MD

“Because of how polarized our country is.” David Thompson, WI

“The two extremes are tearing this nation apart with their stubborn rhetoric and lack of action. I refuse to just sit back and watch. Our country is worth fighting for!” Phillip Slater, MD

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