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Extreme voices dominate America's political environment. Why? Because they focus their financial resources.

Together, we'll do more than win. By donating through The Centrist Project, we're literally changing the incentive for our elected leaders — proving that if they start building consensus, there are voters, donors and volunteers who've got their back. 

In 2014 the Centrist Project supported a portfolio of candidates, proving that the American middle will be heard. In 2016 we aim to do even more.

Greg Orman (Independent, Kansas)

In 2014 Greg Orman shocked the nation when he pulled dead even in polls with incumbent Republican Pat Roberts in a race no one expected to be competitive. Orman's campaign revealed the hidden current of American politics: voters everywhere are tired of business as usual, and are ready to step up at the voting booth.



Larry Pressler (Independent, South Dakota)


Larry Pressler's candidacy revealed just how much Congress has declined, as the former Republican Senator chose to run as an Independent, eschewing the partisanship of Congress and his former party. Drawing support from Independents and voters in both parties, Pressler showed that all voters are ready for a change.


Michelle Nunn (Democrat, Georgia)

Democrat Michelle Nunn was one of the most surprising candidates of 2014. In the traditionally red state of Georgia, Nunn's message of bipartisan cooperation energized moderates regardless of political affiliation.





Susan Collins (Republican, Maine)

In 2014, the Centrist Project was proud to lend its support to Susan Collins. For years, Susan Collins has been the flag bearer for responsible governance in Washington. A beacon for compromise and responsibility, Collins is frequently at the center of party negotiations. When great legislation is passed, odds are Senator Collins was a part of it.





Jill Bossi (American Party, South Carolina)

Jill Bossi personifies civic virtue. A former executive for the American Red Cross, Bossi ran for Senate in South Carolina on a moderate, third party platform. Bossi challenged one of the most partisan members of the Senate because in elections which too often devolve into partisan mudslinging, someone needed to be the voice for moderate voters and good governance.





What We Proved, What We Learned

In 2014 the Centrist Project supported five candidates of various political affiliations. Although we did not achieve pure electoral success, we proved some remarkable things.

Americans Are Ready.

It is no longer the stuff of polling or political news articles. American voters are fed up with the Congress that uses our national welfare as a bargaining chip, they are fed up with politicians who represent their party first and their constituents second, and they are fed up with feeling like they are being ignored.

In 2014, we proved that these voters could be mobilized behind candidates that put issues first and politics second. We proved that frustrated voters in Massachusetts and California can be mobilized to support candidates in South Dakota and Kansas.

Every movement begins with someone deciding that it is time to take action. In 2014, thousands of Centrist Project supporters took action.

We Can Compete.

Even with a growing number of Americans fed up with the status quo, the question remained, "Would they step up at the voting booth?"

In 2014, the Centrist Project showed that they would. In states like South Dakota, Kansas, and Georgia, voters proved that they were ready to choose issues over partisanship, good governance over gridlock.

In Kansas and South Dakota we took this a step further, showing that Independent candidates, running on their pragmatic, bipartisan message alone, could draw support from across the spectrum and make voters believe that government can work again. These weren't soft numbers, these had party candidates running scared and put partisans throughout the political world on notice.

We've Just Started.

Our success showed that American voters are ready to embrace a new brand in American politics, yet it also revealed how far the parties are willing to go to win. When they couldn't beat us with their message or their candidates, they simply drowned us in spending.

We learned that the best message and best candidates can't overcome millions of dollars spent in party infrastructure: in grassroots organizing, voter files, political staffing, or advertising. In 2016, we will put this lesson to work.

Are You Ready to Win?

In 2014 we showed that our candidates could be compete. We showed that a small group of dedicated voters and donors could stand up to the party machines and make our voices heard.

In 2016 we will win. We are developing our Election Support Engine, a diverse array of tools designed to level the playing field between Independent and party candidates. We already have the best candidates and the best message. In 2016 we will have the best tools as well.

You can become a part of the solution. By becoming a member of The Centrist Project you will contribute vital resources to building our election support engine and making the change you desire possible.

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