Greg_with_voter_Lenexa_parade.jpgGreg Orman

Independent, Kansas

• Co-founder of bipartisan cooperation organization, The Common Sense Coalition.

• Running as an Independent to fix a deeply flawed political system.

• Believes in common sense, business friendly solutions to environmental policy.

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A Leader for Independent and Pragmatic Voters

Disappointed with the broken political system, Orman co-founded the Common Sense Coalition in 2010 to give a voice to Independent and Moderate voters in Washington. Surging onto the political scene, the Common Sense Coalition became known nation-wide for its work advocating pragmatic, common sense approaches to policy. Orman is taking his leadership directly to the Senate, and running as an Independent candidate in Kansas.

A Business Leader Who Values the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Orman earned his first paycheck working in his father's furniture warehouse in Stanley, Kansas. There he learned that a successful business cares for its employees, uses practical solutions to problems, and is willing to go in new directions. Orman took these values into his own business career, founding Environmental Lighting Concepts, which he grew into a national business. In 2004 Orman co-founded Denali Partners, LLC, a firm dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. The same values which made Orman so successful in business, empathy, pragmatism, and adaptability, are vital to successfully addressing our nation's problems.

A Responsible Approach to Health Care

Though there are many opponents to the Affordable Care Act, the policy of obstructionism pursued by some of its opponents in the House and Senate has hurt our economy, impeded other important legislation, and damaged our government's credibility. Orman advocates a responsible approach to continued health care reform, improving the system passed by the ACA to improve its efficiency and responsibly manage government spending, while ensuring that all Americans continue to have access to quality health care.

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