ICYMI - Charlie Wheelan on Washington Journal

Charlie Wheelan was live on C-SPAN's Washington Journal yesterday. Check out his segment here and please share your thoughts/reactions/ideas below.


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commented 2014-04-18 11:49:23 -0600 · Flag
Thank you for your insight on C-SPAN. It’s segments like this that convinces me even more to run for political office. :)
commented 2014-04-13 09:26:18 -0600 · Flag
It was very encouraging to hear Dr. Wheelan clearly state that his vision of centrism amounts for the most part to a focus on pragmatic problem solving. As he correctly argues pragmatic mind set is, with maybe some exceptions such as the No Labels group, absent from the democratic and republican parties. Pragmatism, not ideology, is what it takes to get at the most efficient policy options. Pragmatism at least implies a reduced reliance on ideology. Although my preference is expression of overt hostility to ideology, given its dismal track record and amazing capacity to distort reality and logic, Dr. Wheelan’s stance on this point is solid and commendable.

Maybe a missing element of the centrist message would be a relentless focus on service to the the public interest, not special interests. AT present, the balance is tipped too far toward serving special interests, who in turn support the failed status quo. My guess is that a strong public interest focus would help to create the coherent message it will probably take to unite independents. There probably needs to be an overarching intellectual framework that can act as the glue to hold independents once the inevitable disagreements arise within the independent community. That intellectual framework can be the home that

As it stands now, independents are skeptical of political parties, but that reflects extrapolation of distrust and/or dissatisfaction with the two parties in power now. Messaging from the two parties have a big advantage over a non-ideological pragmatic message – they use emotion, mainly fear and anger whipped up by sophisticated spin. Pragmatists have to rely on unspun reality and unbiased analysis. That isn’t nearly as compelling in terms of entertainment value or pushing emotional buttons while delivering the deceptive spin the two parties are so adept at spewing on the public.