JBossi2011.JPGJill Bossi

American Party, South Carolina

• Excellent business experience.

• Strong commitment to public service exemplified by her many years of work as an executive for the American Red Cross.

• Will use her deal-making experience from business to advance pragmatic solutions to our nation's problems.

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A Commitment to Public Service

Within Bossi's decades of business management and public service, her time with the Red Cross stands out. After years of work in the private sector as an executive and manager, Bossi demonstrated her commitment to public service by making the switch to non-profits, taking a position at the American Red Cross. As Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Bossi displayed her willingness to embrace change by overhauling the organization's supply system, saving the Red Cross millions of dollars. Bossi's management acumen and adaptability would serve her well in the Senate as she works to reform a political system that favors entrenchment over new ideas.

An Insurgent Candidate Fighting to Change the Dialogue

As a third-party candidate, Bossi is fighting to make her voice heard, and change the dialogue of a race that is emblematic of the partisan entrenchment which is favored nationwide. Much like the Tea Party, by mobilizing grassroots and fundraising support, Bossi can attract the attention of the two party candidates and force them to speak to moderate issues. The result being that, in a race that typically ignores moderates in favor of partisans, moderates can begin to reclaim an equal voice in the political dialogue.

Establishing Electoral Consequences for Irresponsible Governance

By making her presence known on the electoral picture and mobilizing moderate voters into a cohesive voting bloc, Bossi can demonstrate that there are serious electoral consequences for irresponsible governance by incumbents, not only changing the dialogue of a campaign, but changing the way legislators govern. These mobilized moderate voters then form the foundation for a viable moderate presence in the state for future election cycles. Bossi's campaign isn't just about the present, it's about the future.

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