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Founding Investors are leaders in our movement. These gifts enable us to do thoughtful strategic planning, fund our small but hardworking staff team, and increase the impact of our programming. Founding Investors receive all our membership benefits, CenterLine acknowledgement, and VIP invitations. Founding Investors are also invited to monthly steering committee calls to provide counsel on our key operating decisions.

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Founder’s Circle members drive the direction of our organization. These members help us recruit outstanding candidates, fund videos promoting Centrist policy, and power our key initiatives. Founder’s Circle members are invited to quarterly strategy retreats with Charlie Wheelan and Centrist Project Board Members. 


For questions, or instructions to make a wire transfer or gifts of appreciated securities, contact Executive Director Pam Peak at ppeak@centristproject.org. Please note that contributions or gifts to The Centrist Project or endorsed candidates are not tax deductible. Contributions are subject to the limitations and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act.


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