Michelle Nunn

Democrat, Georgia

• An important opportunity for moderates to gain in the Senate.

• Carries on the legacy of her father, Sam Nunn (D-GA).

• A pro-business Democrat running on bipartisanship.

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An Opportunity to Elect A Strong Moderate

As a Senator, Michelle Nunn will have join a long line of female Senators like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe who act as bridge builders in the Senate. Nunn carries on the legacy of her father, popular Democratic Senator Sam Nunn, who was praised upon his retirement for his bipartisanship. Today, Michelle Nunn's candidacy represents an important opportunity for pragmatic, moderate voters across the country to make a statement in the heartland of the Tea Party. 

A Champion for Pragmatic Economic Policy

Michelle Nunn sets herself apart from other Democrats with her pragmatic approach to economic policy and the federal deficit. Favoring free markets over excessive government regulation, Nunn advocates a simplified tax code and regulatory system which makes markets more predictable and manageable for entrepreneurs and innovators. She advocates intelligent entitlement reform, which can reduce excessive costs and preserve these important programs for future generations. While she promotes a pragmatic approach to growing our economy and protecting entitlements, she advocates intelligent investments into infrastructure and education which maintain a strong economic system.

A True Reformer Who Fight to End Irresponsible Governance

Nunn also sets herself apart from Democrats with her approach to the system which promotes partisanship and enables irresponsible governance. Nunn advocates policies intended to reduce these crippling problems such as No Budget, No Pay, receiving a Price Tag for Every Bill, and ending the Revolving Door of legislators and lobbyists. Her advocacy and reforms will be a significant step toward changing a system which favors incumbents and partisans over fresh ideas.

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