Thank You for Taking Action

Thank you for stepping up, for being the first of many to follow. In a climate like this, even the simplest actions have big consequences.

Before you leave, take a moment to explore the rest of the site. Every action makes a difference, and although they may seem small, the impact will be enormous.

Spark a Movement

You don't have to be a Washington insider to see that the vast majority of Americans want substantial change in politics. All they need is some inspiration. The Centrist Project is working hard to reach these voters. Let us be your megaphone. A donation of $5 today can reach over 1,000 frustrated voters, and build momentum for something powerful.

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Advocate for Change

Have you ever met anyone who thought Congress was doing a good job, or that the political system worked for them? Your friends, family, and neighbors already agree with you. You can show them they have a choice. You can be an advocate for something larger than yourself or The Centrist Project. Use the link provided on this page to show your friends, family, and neighbors that their is a better way, and be recognized for your efforts.

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Become A Member

2016 isn't far away, and the Centrist Project is dedicated to bringing about the electoral victories that will change how Congress does its business. With a $5 donation, you will become a member of The Centrist Project. Members have the opportunity to engage with key thought leaders on a variety of issues. Most importantly, members have the opportunity to be a part of The Centrist Project Voice, our affiliated Political Action Committee which operates as the campaign arm of our mission, recruiting, equipping, and empowering the candidates that you want to see elected.

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