Susan Collins

Republican, Maine

• A standard-bearer for moderates in the Senate.

• A coalition-builder who enables the passage of important legislation.

• A moderate Republican who has held firm to her beliefs despite Tea Party pressure. 

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A Record of Bridge Building in the Senate

"If there's a big deal brewing in the Senate, chances are Maine Republican Susan Collins is involved."

- Washington Post, April 3, 2014

In today's hyper-partisan environment, Senators who are willing to work across the aisle to address our national issues face enormous challenges, from party distrust to political retribution. Today, compromise isn't just an act of political responsibility, it is an act of political courage. Yet in this hostile environment, Susan Collins has thrived, building a reputation among voters and her fellow Senators as a principled deal-maker. Ranked as the most liberal Republican Senator according to the most recent National Journal ratings, Collins has engendered the trust of both parties, and uses this to forge deals on a variety of issues, from the minimum wage to government surveillance.

A National Icon for Moderate and Independent Voters

Collins' principled centrist stand has not only earned her the trust of her fellow Senators, but the trust of national voters. In a recent Public Policy Polling survey, Collins ranked among the top five most popular Senators nationwide. Her approach as a deal-maker in the Senate has garnered approval from voters nationwide. This independent stance has earned her the endorsement of her fellow Maine Senator, principled centrist, and former political opponent, Angus King. Her leadership has also led to endorsements of the League of Conservation voters and the Human Rights Campaign, despite the presence of a liberal Democrat who is challenging her. Her record and national popularity make her the ideal candidate all moderates can embrace.

A Republican Who's Not Afraid to Stand Up for the Environment

This year the League of Conservation Voters, an organization dedicated to turning environmental values into national priorities, took the unprecedented step of endorsing Susan Collins over her liberal Democratic challenger. Though the organization typically favors Democrats over Republicans, the LCV chose to endorse Collins because she, "is committed to finding bipartisan solutions that will safeguard our environment and combat climate change while promoting clean energy." As a principled pragmatist in the Senate, Collins works to find the best solutions to environmental policy, and will continue to stand as a leader in the Senate among both parties.

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